My Notebook System

I've always loved notebooks. When you crack open a new notebook, it feels like so many possibilities, like a fresh start. In recent years (or maybe I'm just late to the party), notebook-love has reached an all-time high, with DIY planners, bullet journals, traveler notebooks, and journaling of all kinds really taking off.

Today, I want to share with you the way that I am setup with all my notebooks, for the simple reason that I always enjoy these kinds of posts & being able to get a peek into how other people organize themselves. I hope you do, too!

#1: Everyday Notebook

SOURCE: Studio Calico, soft cover, 10x18 cm, blank

USE: I carry this with me wherever I go to take notes on things like writing inspiration, situations to discuss with my therapist, ideas for blog posts/art journal layouts, etc.

#2: Bullet Journal

SOURCE: Moleskine, soft cover, pocket size, dotted

USE: The most recent addition to my collection is my first-ever bullet journal. So far, I use it for all the lists that were flying around on my cellphone/laptop/random post-its before, like for example potential Christmas gifts, doctor's checkups for 2017, places I want to travel, etc. It's also home to my habit tracker, which was inspired by @craftyenginerd on Instagram.

#3: Writing Notebook

SOURCE: Leuchtturm1917, hard cover, A5, blank

USE: Both for documenting writing workshops and seminars (like Hannah Brencher Sheats' "Writing Intensive" which I did last year, or Laura Jane Williams' "Don't Be Writer, Be A Storyteller" seminar that I just completed - both highly recommended!), and for my own writing ideas, outlines, etc.

#4: Art Journal

SOURCELeuchtturm1917, hard cover, A5, blank

USE: To document my year in a combination of journaling and scrapbooking. I am always very overwhelmed when I see incredibly talented people like @jamie_makes or @emma_kw3 just effortlessly layer together all these little details to create stunning spreads, but I have learned not to let it discourage me. I'm still finding my own style, but I really enjoy sitting down and making these pages, which feels very therapeutic in and of itself.

#5: Everyday Planner

SOURCE: Passion Planner, soft cover, compact size, pages pre-filled 

USE: This is where I keep track of all my appointments, to-do's, and deadlines. I've already pre-ordered the new eco-friendly version for next year (there is currently a kickstarter campaign for the 2018 version here), as this is one of the best planners I've ever had. I love being able to see my week & month at a glance, it allows me to break everything up into its designated time slot, and the space for reflection is always a nice way to finish the month.

#6: Travel Journal

SOURCE: Leuchtturm1917, soft cover, B5, blank

USE: To document my travels, obviously ;). This is also a relatively new edition for this year, as I found the A5 sized pages were just too constricting for the way I like to do my travel spreads. This bigger size allows me to get everything I want on the page, and I really love having a seperate notebook to gather all my travel adventures.

Do you use notebooks? What's your setup? And who are your favorite Instagramers to follow in this area? I'm always searching for inspiration!

PS: I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor are these affiliate links. Just wanted you to be able to find the products easily should you want to.