Word of the Year 2017

There have been many words this year.

First, there was adventure.

Adventure is your favorite celebrity who encourages you to dream big. He wants you to break free from your everyday routines and try something new. Adventure knows that you don't like uncertainty, but that you need a little bit of it in your life.

Adventure says: "2017 will be a defining year in your life. You will either change or you won't."

Then, there was self-love.

Self-love is a friend who insists you focus on yourself. She makes you look inward, and forces you to confront all the things you would maybe rather choose to ignore. Self-love knows that you want to support your family & friends, but that you need to be selfish sometimes.

Self-love says: " You are the center of your universe. Treat yourself accordingly."

At some point, nourish chimed in.

Nourish is a personal trainer who asks you to take care of yourself in a way that is healthy & good for you. He asks you to divide your energy up between yourself and the people you care about, to focus on all the different parts of your life that matter. Nourish knows that you have a hard time choosing your priorities, but that you are happier when you do.

Nourish says: "You have to feed the things that matter to you. Everything else is just noise"

Finally, along came balance.

Balance is the wise older aunt who has seen some shit. She wants you to be happy, and to feel at peace. Balance knows that too much is not good, but too little isn't great, either.

Balance says: "You know instinctively what you need. All things in moderation."

All of them have things that I need, but for 2017, I am asking balance to sit at my table. When I think of where I am, where I want to be, and how I want to feel, that's what I crave in my life right now: balance.

Balance between

life and work,
body and mind,
indulgence and health,
adventure and calm,
travel and home,
spending and saving,
new things and old favorites.

Finally found my word of the year! What it is, and why I chose it on the blog today | ©JohannaDocumented

What's your theme for the year?