One of my intentions this year is to spend less time in front of screens, and more time journaling instead. I've had the same diary since 2007, which tells you exactly how much writing in it has happened (hint: it's not a whole lot). When I discovered journal cards last year, I also dove a bit deeper into journaling in general, and there's so many different types! My friend Lauren does beautiful bible journaling, there's art journaling, meditative journaling, bullet journaling... pretty much any form you can think of.

Of course, when I started looking at everyone's gorgeous journal pages, so meticulously curated and beautifully presented on Instagram and Pinterest, the anxiety set in almost immediately: "With my new job and the 2-hour commute that goes with it, how will I ever find the time? What will I write about? My pages will never be good, or pretty enough, or artsy enough, or something that someone will want to see." 

Basically, it's like no one has ever told my brain that comparison is the thief of all joy. But it is, and so I vowed not to let my intention be defeated (at this point, please imagine me posing heroically on a horse with a banner proudly waving behind me, giving a rousing speech to rally the men). Instead, I decided to tackle all my fears head-on. Sunday mornings are now reserved for sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and journaling. I will try hard not to worry about how "pretty" my pages are, and instead focus on the content. And to ensure that I have something to write about, I have come up with a list of 120 journaling prompts.

Preparation and organization has always been one of the best ways to help calm my anxiety, so journaling will be no different. The 120 questions below are made up of random mid-sleep thoughts scribbled on sticky notes, questions inspired by my favorite movies and art, and the torn out pages from the back of old Vogues, where they have the feature "Questions Without Answers". 

You may find some of the questions weird, or easy, or invasive, or hard, or silly. All of them evoked some kind of reaction in me, and I hope they will do the same for you - that's the best place to start writing from. 

Click HERE to download the 120 Journaling Prompts.

Journaling Prompts to help you kickstart your creativity - these really made me think! by Johanna Documented

If you enjoy these prompts, I would appreciate you sharing them with someone who might also like them.

Are there any good journaling resources you've found?