failure isn't permanent

Achieving set goals is one of those things that is comparable to having a triple orgasm while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, mainlining top-shelf bourbon with just a hint of the finest dark chocolate on your tongue and a ton of fist-pumping happening both on the inside and out. It's a euphoric hum that starts in your toes and ends with a, "OH, HELL YES," as you dance around your tiny apartment in boy short underwear, literally shaking from excitement, and feeling like your heart is about twelve sizes too big. 

And it's temporary. 

Because while that pure, clean rush of adrenaline and well-being is addictive, it's a passing state of being, one that hangs around long enough to reinforce your good behavior before it blows away with the winter wind and leaves you panting and wanting more. (Much like Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He'll always leave me panting and wanting more, if you know what I'm sayin'. Wink.) 

And failure? Failure is the exact opposite. 

For every positive rush of good feeeeelings that reaching that Big Goal brings, failing is like a hard & unrelenting punch to the gut. It's the monster under the bed. It's the villain in action movies (that totally wears an eye patch). It's hot water that runs out before you've washed out your shampoo. It's the taste of burnt broccoli, the sting of soap in your eye, and the way your stomach aches when you miss someone you love. It hurts. It sucks you dry. And it drains every last drop of optimism and hope out of whatever life plan you've so carefully constructed.

But the saving grace? 

Those feelings of failure, just like success, are temporary. There's nothing that says you have to stay down. Nothing that says you can't give it another go. Nothings that says failure is forever. Each and every time you royally miss the mark is another opportunity to learn from your mistakes and try the heck again. Regroup. Revise. And revisit whatever goal that was important enough for you to pinpoint it, to call it out, and make it something to work towards. 

Failure, if you're putting yourself out there, is inevitable at one point or another, but it sure as heck isn't the end. It's an inconvenient roadblock. A sign that you're headed in the right direction. And a pit-stop on your way to getting everything you've ever wanted. Or at the very least, failure is permission to cry, to hang out head low, and then move the heck on, high-fiving Andy Samberg on your way to the tippy top, (and also maybe asking for his number, because MOTHER, MAY I?!) 

Bottom line:

Failure isn't permanent, but giving up is. - Jessica Manuszak


Jess is the shouty mastermind behind The Brazen Bible, a blog all about kicking life in the nards (and drinking a lot of whiskey in the process). You can find more of her wonderfulness on Twitter, on her her blog, and if you need the best copywriter around, she's got you covered as well. Also, you should go buy her memoir; it is hilarious and insightful all at the same time, because that's how she rolls. I seriously love this lady so much & am beyond ecstatic that she stopped by!!